The Definite With the Infinite

By the Infinite, we mean the Unlimited God. You have to be definite with the Infinite.

Until you are definite with the Infinite, you do not define the Infinite in you. God sent you to earth so you can be His dream come true. Until you become definite with the Infinite, the dream will be a nightmare. You have to define and declare the good that you want before you can get it.


It is up to you to choose, and to define exactly what the Infinite will be, do, and have through you. Your position before the Lord was defined when Jesus died on the cross. No longer do you need a High Priest to offer your requests before God for you, like the Israelites did. Jesus made a way for us to come directly to the Infinite and Unlimited God, without dying. It is your special privilege as a Christian to have access to God Almighty. It is Jesus-won for you and sacrificed for you.


You have the power to be bold with your prayers and to be specific in what you want.

Jesus said, “It’s “yes” and “amen” if you ask in His name. What are you waiting for?


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What do you want to ask the Lord for? It is already a “yes” and an “Amen.”


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