Today, the Church is no longer consciously concerned with many social issues; instead, it has shifted its focus towards politically motivated issues. This is because a revival is necessary if Christianity is to make itself relevant in the war with culture over the direction of the world’s social ethic. For one thing, apathy is rampant in the church pews, hence the countless quantities of people attending church services to merely go through the motions as if trying to earn their perfect attendance token in exchange for eternal life.

Instead of expressing concern for various social issues such as housing the poor, caring for the lonely, and feeding the hungry, many Christians have undergone a paradigm shift; they are now solely concerned with their atomist individualist relationship with God. This is a festering cancer presently dormant within the body of Christ. As a cancer, it must be removed through a revival in caring for others as we care about ourselves. Jesus, need we be reminded, was never apathetic.

Christians everywhere need to go back in time and, to phrase it imply, “care” about stuff. Certain matters have taken the spotlight in the place of social issues. Therefore, it is fair to say that the Church’s attention is spread among these issues and not solely on the social aspect of Christ’s gospel. What has become evident now are these: an obsession over the avoidance of particular sins, spotless church attendance and issues of inter-communion (e.g. Catholics and Protestants conflicting each other in social matters)—and these have taken more meaning than feeding the poor or loving the lonely.

These practices do not support the idea that being a disciple of Christ is about serving others and being willing to lay one’s own life down for one’s enemy, or even a stranger. When Christians decide to backslide, so to speak, on social issues, or when we become dormant and apathetic to society’s problems, then we become inauthentic Christians and we do not act as Christ’s followers.

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Are you being apathetic as a believer to the needs of the needy?

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