The Dark Side of Things

Darkness is good. That is why God put darkness in this world — God created dark and light. There is darkness in every individual. Why do you think, when you close your eyes, it  gets dark? God put darkness in you on purpose. That is because, whatever you are going to create, you can only do it in the dark. Interestingly enough, you cannot develop film in the light. It would expose it, become overexposed by the light and then ruin the film. There are things that God is going to make through you, but you have to take that picture and develop it in darkness.


You always thought darkness was something evil. Darkness is not evil; darkness is just a place of unformed purposes. Darkness is the divine feminine. Darkness is the female aspect of God, which is the void. Even when it appears that you do not have anything, you have everything. Genesis says: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form … Everything that God starts with, starts without form. Most people are in trouble because they are so busy trying to see things as the creature sees things.


If your prophecy does not come to pass, are you looking at it as the creator or the creature? The creature is waiting to see then say, but the creator always deals with what is unseen. The creator works with the formless. The creator works with that which is in the void. And the secret to getting rich, wealthy, and having prosperity, is to know that you are rich when you have zero in your physical pocket. You have to know this. Although you have zero dollars in your wallet, you are walking down the streets like you own everything, because you understand that “I Am” money.

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Write down 5 “I AM” statements today, according to your divine nature in the Lord.

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