Darkness is good. That is why God put darkness in you. There is darkness in every individual. Why do you think, when you close your eyes, it gets dark? God put darkness in you on purpose. That is because, whatever you are going to create, you can only do it in the dark. Interestingly enough, you cannot develop film in the light. It would expose it, become overexposed by the light and then ruin the film. There are things that God is going to make through you, but you have to take that picture and develop it in darkness.

You always thought darkness was something evil. Darkness is not evil; darkness is just a place of unformed purposes. Darkness is the divine feminine. Darkness is the female aspect of God, which is the void. Even when it appears that you do not have anything, you have everything. Genesis says: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form … Everything that God starts with, starts without form. Most people are in trouble because they are so busy trying to see things as the creature sees things.

If your prophecy does not come to pass, are you looking at it as the creator or the creature? The creature is waiting to see then say, but the creator always deals with what is unseen. The creator works with the formless. The creator works with that which is in the void. And the secret to getting rich, wealthy, and having prosperity, is to know that you are rich when you have zero in your physical pocket. You have to know this. Although you have zero dollars in your wallet, you are walking down the streets like you own everything, because you understand that “I Am” money.

The creator operates as the formless. Even if I lose it all, I can create another, because “I Am” creator. And the earth was without form, and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. All darkness that shows up in your life, is just God hovering over you. That is why you experience darkness upon the face of your deep stuff, that which you cannot even talk about. Darkness comes upon the face of deep things, because God wants to bring a book out of that darkness. There is a major story in you. He wants to bring a movie out of that darkness, an invention out of that darkness.

God wants to bring a picture, a divine idea out of that darkness. The reason why many of you can’t seem to get this is because you are afraid of the dark. In the dark you do not see any form at all. In the dark it is void. It looks like the check will not cash. Miraculous prophecy is when it looks like it will not even come to pass. You know God is in it when you are in the dark, when you cannot even see the form. If we are going to act as God, then we have to stay in the dark.

Every time God gets ready to do something for you, or to you or in you, He will always work through you darkness. If you are not in the dark, you have not heard God. The Holy Ghost has allowed me today to become Holy Spirit and give you what was needed. You have been in the dark for so long, you had no idea what you should be doing while in the dark. The dark was a place of unformed purposes. There is something forming, God was not through. That is why, in plays and movies, when the theme gets ready to change, they fade it to black.

Nothing evil happened, it just needs a change of scenery. They do not do it right in front of your eyes. They cut that theater light off, even if it is just for two seconds, then the set goes to black. Even when America needed a change in its history, they had to seek out darkness, and found people that were dark, to help a nation form its purpose and identity. Darkness is the place of unformed purposes. You have to be in the dark. You have to be in the place where you say; “I do not even know what is going on.”

What is done in darkness will come to light. You are what you have been doing in darkness. You came to light. If you want to change the way things are going you have to start in the dark. When you want to do something, you have to shut it down, fade it to black. That scene is over. Accept it, forgive and let go. Forgive and forget, fade it to black, impregnate yourself in the dark, come out on the stage with a new wardrobe, a new set, a new part and learn your lines and work your piece. Your attitude determines your altitude.

God always deals with things that are without form and void. Everything you need exists for you right now, but it is without form and void. It is waiting for you to go in and cash it. The universe is a big dough ball, and you have to take it and become the cookie cutter. Do you know how you cut the cookie out of the dough? You do it with the law of your imagination. Your imagination is creation. These truths are so simple.

Everyone has a dream in him or her that they have to reach into them- selves and pull out of the darkness that which needs to be showcased in the light. Now, did God say let there be light before the light was? No. Actually the light always existed, God just called light forth for everyone else to see. You can see what is in you, in your darkness that no one else can see. It’s already there.


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What is it that you need to call forth into existence?


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