The Cost of the Mantle

We need to recognize that the prophetic mantle is heavy and not just anyone can carry it. We need to build our spiritual muscles to be equipped to bear this mantle. We undergo times of preparation and testing so that we can afford the cost of receiving a prophetic mantle.


One of the things about receiving the prophetic mantle is that more is caught than taught. You must invest in spending time with the prophet to catch the prophetic mantle. Take note, prophets are humans with human flaws. How can you stick with someone who is not perfect without being offended or turned off? It’s only by the grace of God and your commitment to receiving the mantle.


Elijah was probably a tough mentor. He did not spend too much time with people and he was rough on the edges. Elijah was in tune with God and he called others to focus on God. He was so focused on this that he may have neglected other things and other people’s needs, pains, and struggles. Reading encounters between Elijah and Elisha shows that he was hard on him. Yet, Elisha did not leave him (2 Kgs. 2:2; 2 Kgs. 2:4). He may have been offended several times, but he chose to overlook it. He knew where God wanted him to be.


When God prepares for you a future, don’t back away from it and stay in the past. Move towards it, even if it means leaving our comfort zone. Take up the prophetic mantle and carry it with accountability and love. Use it to give glory to God and let your prophetic voice be heard.Today, the prophetic mantle still needs to be passed on. However, they can only receive this anointing if they are willing. They must be humble and teachable. Moreover, the next generation of prophets can only receive the mantle if the elder prophets are also willing to impart their gift and anointing.


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Have you ever needed to overlook offenses in order to grow in the prophetic ministry? What have you learned from this experience?


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