The Bonsai Tree

A bonsai has the capability to grow into a magnificent tree. In the Japanese art of bonsai, the plant is placed in a small container to restrict its growth. It is a miniature of what it can be. The potential and the DNA of a bonsai exists for growth, but enlargement does not take place because it is restricted. This concept can be related to the prophetic ministry. There is tremendous capacity hidden within us, however, for some reason, our gift is not growing in the way we would like to. There can be several reasons, such as our church environment, our pastor or leader, a spouse or a family member, the lack of opportunities, or the lack of available mentors.

We can give a lot of reasons why we are limited. However, in reality, is it possible that the real limitation is actually in our own thinking? The mindset—that someone or something external to you is holding back your gift and ministry—can actually disempower you. Whatever it is, no one can truly hold you back.

External environment cannot truly hold you back. Your spouse, family member, leader, or pastor cannot hold you back. God is faithful and sovereign over your prophetic gift.



Here are the words of Jesus, who is holy and true.

He holds the key of David. No one can shut what

he opens. And no one can open what he shuts.

(Revelations 3:7)


You are not a victim, and you don’t need to be. You do not need to remain in a stuck cycle. The only one who can neglect or limit your gift is you.



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If you honestly evaluate your prophetic life right now, is it as powerful as before?

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