The Amphibian 

This purpose is to connect with the world to win people over to follow Christ. To communicate with the world, we need to be people that other people want to connect with rather than people they want to avoid touching. There will be times when men will look up to us, and we will be able to attract them to us like a magnet. On other occasions, a concerted effort to connect with them is required to be successful.

If some aspect of a new culture does not compromise the gospel and makes you more accessible to others, there is no reason not to adapt to that element out of courtesy and love – even if it is not your preference. Otherwise, because of you, the gospel may appear “unnecessarily alien.” We must avoid offending listeners because we are culturally offensive rather than the gospel…. Proper contextualization [of the gospel] means causing the right scandal – the one the gospel poses to all sinners – and removing all unnecessary ones. (Tim Keller, Center Church, 111)  

Connect to the world

We can connect to this world through the use of the gifts that have been given to us. Bridging the divide with our contributions is not an end in and of itself. For us to serve the world, we need to close the gap, and the world, in turn, will be interested in seeing what (Who) we have to offer once we do so.

We do not wish for the people whose hearts we desire to win for Christ to find us to be an obstacle in their path. You would not want someone to feel out of place simply because they choose to educate their children in a manner that is different from the norm or because they listen to music that is not the same as everyone else.


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