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The Prophetic Word from the Book of Revelations

The New Testament prophet John wrote about a voice from coming from God’s throne, giving him a picture of the future and prophetic word. The same apostle also had the same encounter with God in the next verses. There is authority from the throne of God. With full authority, the author proclaimed, “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

Based on this passage, we can take home four important points about the “spirit of prophecy” and “the prophetic word”. Jesus proclaimed an authoritative testimony and we must take notice. The voice in John’s vision speaks about Christ’s testimony — which refers to the testimonies given by Jesus or the testimony of believers about him. Mostly, we can observe how the “spirit of prophecy” causes believers to speak a word of testimony about Jesus.

We can observe how the “spirit of prophecy” causes believers to speak a word of testimony about Jesus.

Jesus preached (Lk. 4:43) about the kingdom of God. During his ministry on earth, he dealt with many aspects of this subject. He spoke of both redemption and of judgment. Those who believed in Jesus would be redeemed, while those who did not believe would face the harsh judgment of spiritual death. In addition to what Christ said, the entire life, death, and resurrection of Jesus proclaimed the truth of God.

The message of Jesus has an unmatched influence on humanity. Everyone everywhere must face the claims of the Son of God — it’s inevitable. Each of us has a choice to make, whether we accept or reject this message. The “spirit of prophecy” inspires us to make this significant choice, as we are called and predestined to be children of God.

Believers in Christ are witnesses of him. The “spirit of prophecy” causes us to proclaim the truth to people everywhere. It is this spirit that causes us to do this in a more powerful way, which is more intense and more effective than human capability. Every believer in Christ is called to witness. Our words and our lives tell the story of how Christ redeemed our lives.

Our lives give evidence to the transforming work of Christ who is the way, the truth, the prophetic word,  and the life. Sometimes, the witness of believers triggers opposition and persecution. Many people, today, face persecution and death because of “the testimony of Jesus.”

However, they keep proclaiming this by the power of the Holy Spirit. They can be bold and fearless in prophesying about the return of Christ because of this grace.

The main function of the Holy Spirit is to bear witness to Jesus. The Spirit does this by empowering believers to speak.


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