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Live better today

1Some people equate a good life with riches, power or acclaim. It’s all well and good to have and earn that but for those things to be your main motivation is a misleading thought. Starting out on your journey and all throughout it your main goal should begin with God. When you put Christ in the center of your life you begin to put purpose behind each and every one of your actions. This purpose is something that positively affects the world and brings you to a deeper level of understanding with yourself.

Let’s say that you chose to become a writer because it paid good money. You would then be writing with the thought of earning money as your main motivation. On the other hand if you began your writing career because you knew that you could make a difference and bring people towards a better understanding of positive values then you are more likely to produce quality work. It is all about putting yourself in whatever you are doing sincerely. The type of mindset you attack your goals with is a choice. You don’t have to have all the riches in the world to say that you are living a better life. Living a better life can simply mean that you choose to now live your life in service of Christ. Allow the Lord to inspire you with His great message and touch your life through Prophecy.

The Power of Prophecy is immense. It is a revelation of the plan of God right before you. It can steer you into making better choices. Embrace the word of a Prophet and channel your mind into becoming more spiritually connected with the Word of God. You can live better and happier today by simply choosing to fulfill your mission in Christ above all things. CLICK HERE!