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Overcome Anger with God’s Love

We see God’s influence in the world everyday, but we also see the influences of the devil. One of the ways the devil can wield power over your life is to fill your heart with anger. Anger can be in your heart for a number of reasons. You may have had many disappointments in life or suffered from terrible occurrences such as abuse or loss. These negative influences make it easier for the devil to find a way into your heart and mind and keep you from living a life of happiness. The best way to overcome anger is to use God’s love to acquire strength, calm and peace in your heart.

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Finding God

So many people associate the term “finding God” as an extreme term used by fundamentalists. However finding God is the simple realization that God is good and true and believing this with all of your heart. Once you are able to find God you will be able to use his love to make you a better person. Spending time with God during daily devotions, through prayer or getting Free Spiritual Readings Online is the first step to finding how his love can free you from anger. However you cannot find God unless you truly believe in his existence as well as his love for you.

Strengthening your Love

Once you find God it will be natural for you to want to strengthen your love for him and others. You will learn day by day how to welcome him deeper and deeper into your heart and live with his words in your mind. You can then use those words as strength when you are faced with anger. You will soon discover strategies to assist you in overcoming your anger and turning to a peaceful and accepting mind set that will help set you free.

Breathing and Serenity

When you have faith in God it will be easier to learn to breathe in to calm yourself and find serenity instead of anger. You will learn how to turn the other cheek and to avoid harsh words even when someone uses them on you. You will discover how your life is improved by using peaceful means to resolve issues instead of anger, shouting and violence. By welcoming God into your heart you will be able to fight temptation from the devil and the desire to lash out in anger.