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The Prophetic Mantle


The Prophetic Mantle: Every prophet is a reformer. Woe to the prophet-less culture, for it, has no one to tell it when it’s headed to destruction and guide it back to safety. – Wallace Henley

5The company of prophets who were at Jericho drew near to Elisha, and said to him, “Do you know that today the Lord will take your master away from you?” And he answered, “Yes, I know; be silent.”

2 Kings 2:5 NRSV

The Prophetic Anointing

In the Second Book of Kings, we begin to understand the value of the prophetic mantle; “He picked up the mantle of Elijah that had fallen from him and went back and stood on the bank of the Jordan” (2 Kgs. 2:13). The mantle itself does not have any power.

We don’t need to have an actual physical mantle today in order to receive the prophetic anointing and ministry. The prophetic mantle is figurative of the anointing that individuals believe. In the “pool,” the prophetic mantle deals with a deeper prophetic anointing than simply operating with a spiritual gift.

Like Elisha, when he picked up the mantle that Elijah left behind, believers become endowed with the anointing of the prophet when they receive the prophetic mantle.

We need to recognize that not everyone with a prophetic anointing is a prophet. There is a thin line between the two — even if it’s sometimes indiscernible, the line still spells a difference. To have a prophetic anointing means that you must bear a mantle upon your higher calling. A  pastor may be considered a prophetic pastor, a teacher may be called a prophetic teacher.

The higher calling specifically for these individuals is pastor and teacher, and the prophetic mantle is just icing on the cake, i.e. it is possible that the believer’s main calling may not be in the prophetic realm. Other examples of callings that can be strengthened by the prophetic mantle include being prophetic intercessors, prophetic counselors, prophetic evangelists, or prophetic writers.


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God does not wish your Life to pass you by

God does not wish for his followers to have life pass them by. God has given you the gift of life and his love in order to see you be happy and successful. Success is different for all of us, but knowing how to find success can be easier if you listen to God’s word with a Bible Prophecy. When you feel unhappy it is because you are missing out on God’s plan for you. True happiness is achieved when you embrace God’s love and find the path he wishes you to follow.

Signs Life is passing you by
For some it is very obvious life is passing them by. They go through life without passion, never achieving anything, never trying anything new and never taking any risks. They do not look for their true love and stay in unhappy relationships. They deal with their children without seeing who they truly are and seeing how much love and joy they have to offer. They work in their jobs without doing more than the bare minimum. They scrape by in school with the minimum grades to pass. All of these are signs that life is passing your by as day after day you are not finding the joy God wishes you to feel and are also not even trying to find it.

Reach out to God
If you find you are unhappy it is important to take a look at your life and see where you can improve. God wants you to reach out to him and use his love to make it easier for you to find joy. God’s love is joy and it will show in everything you do. When you reach out to God and open your heart with complete belief, faith and trust in him you will begin to see how his love can change your life. As you become more in tune with your faith you will find ways to pursue your dreams. A bible prophecy1 will help you see how God’s love is there to make you happier and provide you with all you need to live your life well. Prophecies are not only intended to lay down God’s laws but to guide his followers in living a fulfilling life. God’s message to you will make it easier to follow his path.