Zoe Ministries is a quality provider of free spiritual readings online. We work endlessly to make sure we meet the needs of our users. From uploading inspirational bible quotes and passages to providing free spiritual readings and guidance, our users are never without the amazing support that they need to get in touch with their spiritual sides. Our founder, Master Prophet Bishop Jordan, has years of experience in sight beyond sight, providing our users with an accurate and uplifting experience from the moment they sign-up. Sign up with our free prophecy reading service today, and receive the words of God direct through Bishop Jordan himself.

Why Choose Zoe Ministries?

People continually use our spiritual reading service because they know we are one of the most trusted names in the industry. Bishop Jordan has dedicated his life to helping others, using his gift to show others the light of God through his own work and experiences. Our spiritual reading service is free to use, and it is available 24 hours a day. We focus on providing our users with spiritual help when they need it the most, by giving them a personal reply within 72 hours of their request. With Zoe Ministries, spiritual guidance is never more than a click away.

The Benefits of Using Our Spiritual Reading Service

  • Spiritual Guidance Within 72 Hours
  • A Personal Reply From Bishop Jordan Himself
  • Free To Use, At Any Time Of Day
  • Inspirational Email Updates
  • Blog Commenting Options To Discuss Your Prophecy

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