Social Justice

The Bible has repeatedly stressed the obligation of the believer to aid those who are in need. The reason the Lord provides for us is for personal sustenance and to help others who need it. When we only use our income for personal gain, then we are moving in social injustice. We are not doing our part to contribute to society. Even when the Bible stressed this obligation to help the less fortunate, there is no specific term for it.

Tzedakah is something the Rabbis adopted to apply to charity in the context of social justice. Tzedakah’s literal meaning is “righteousness” or “justice,” as in the famous biblical phrase, “tzedek, tzedek, tirdof” (“Justice, justice, shall you pursue”; Deut. 16:20). Charity is not merely a generous or magnanimous act.

In the church service, the appropriate way is to submit to the person in-charge. Even if you feel you can still prophesy more, but the lead pastor said it was time for prayer already, then you submit to his authority. Always be humble. Moreover, be teachable. If the lead prophet pulls you aside to tell you that you can do better, listen to Godly counsel.


When we prophesy, we say, “thus saith the Lord.” There is no part in this statement that says we are to judge. Even if we see a prophetic picture of the sins of a person, we must not judge them, because we are well-aware that no one is righteous, and no one can save himself. We are all dependent on the glory of Jesus. The prophetic word we are giving is to help this person live in the freedom that Jesus won for them. We are just the messenger.


For the Israelites, giving is the performance of a religiously mandated duty to provide something to which the needy have a right. By providing the chance to carry out an important mitzvah, the poor man gives the giver more in accepting the alms than the giver does for the poor man in giving him charity. How come? The poor man allows the giver to be blessed a hundredfold.


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Have you ever allowed someone to bless you so that they can prosper?

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