Restoration and Resurrection

The Power of Resurrection

As we celebrated Holy Week 2023, culminating with Resurrection Sunday, we are reminded of the fundamental doctrine of the resurrection and its significance in the Christian faith. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of our faith and provides hope for our eternal salvation. Understanding the meaning of resurrection and how it applies to our lives is essential. Resurrection is about restoring our mind and body to its original, eternal state as created in the image and likeness of God. This affirms that every one of us possesses something eternal and perfect, just like our Creator.

During this holy week season, embracing the principle of resurrection is crucial to align with God’s purpose and plan for our lives. One practical way to do this is through personal prophecy, which involves receiving a prophetic message from God through a prophetic ministry. Personal prophecy can give us insights and direction to help us progress and realize our divine purpose. The prophetic word can give us the confidence and assurance to move forward with a sense of purpose and direction.

Even after celebrating Easter Sunday, let us continue to reflect on the significance of the resurrection and what it means for us as believers. Let us embrace the hope and promise of eternal life through Christ’s resurrection. And let us not forget the power of personal prophecy, which can help us align with God’s plan for our lives and move forward confidently in our purpose. To gain prophetic insights for tomorrow’s leaders, consider registering for “Future Forward: Prophetic Insights for Tomorrow Leaders” at

Why is it important to me?

The stories of Jesus and Lazarus, which reveal God’s power to restore life, demonstrate the importance of the resurrection. In these stories, we observe that resurrection involves resurrecting a dead body, which means that a person resumes normal bodily functions such as breathing, moving around, eating, etc.
However, resurrection entails more than simply returning a dead body to life; it entails returning the mind and body to its original, eternal state. This necessitates aligning ourselves with God’s purpose and plan, which can be challenging but highly beneficial.
Personal prophecy can bring insights and guidance to help us connect with God’s purpose for our lives. We can hear prophetic words that speak specifically to our situation and bring clarity and guidance through personal prophecy. These prophetic words can give us the assurance and confidence to continue forward in our lives and accomplish our divine purpose.
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