Recognizing the Prophetic Realm

The prophetic realm is a dimension we can access through the Holy Spirit. We are given access to this realm as believers to help us get to know this big and holy God more personally. The Scriptures tell us that every one of the fivefold ministry gifts of God is designed to equip us for the work of the ministry. Moreover, these gifts are meant to edify us as the Body of Christ. These gifts are also meant to bring us into the unity of faith. These spiritual gifts are supposed to bring us into the knowledge of the Son of God. What’s even more wonderful is they’re designed to make us perfect—which means, to be more like Jesus.

We are to grow up into the fullness of Christ. This process means a lot of immaturity, selfishness, and instability need to be taken out of our system. We also need to speak the truth in love. People in the fivefold ministry ensure that every part of the body does its share and that the body is feeding itself properly.

The prophetic realmis not meant to be mystical, spooky, dangerous, or even unbiblical. These are misconceptions that pushed a lot of believers away from the works of the Holy Spirit. The prophetic realm is an integral part of our growth process as Christians, as are the other four dimensions. The scriptures also imply that we can’t become all that God wants us to be in Christ without the ministry all of us have.


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What is your personal idea about the prophetic realm?