Queen Esther and God’s Political Strategy

God’s strategic positioning

In the story of Esther, there was a secret plan going on. If you read the Book of Esther, you won’t find any mention of God. But His name doesn’t have to be mentioned for Him to be there.

Esther works for the government. She moved into the palace when she married the king. At first, she didn’t know what her job was all about. But it was the voice of Mordecai (the Prophet) that made her realize what the job was for.

When God put Esther in the palace, she became the richest, most powerful, and most coveted woman in the world. God has a reason for putting us in the palace. Before you know it, you’ll not only be involved, but you’ll also be a part of the system that controls your involvement.

We can be somewhere one day and somewhere else the next. God can give promotions out of the blue. God plans things. He plans how to position things strategically.

Let’s read about how King Artaxerxes tried to find a wife. This happened to show how God makes a space. Esther looks like the winner. She worked hard to get a job, and she did. She didn’t know that she was applying for a job that could save all Jews when she did. It was part of God’s plan to stop something from happening that hadn’t happened yet.

The Name of God was not even mentioned

If we look at the story of Esther, we’ll see that God doesn’t have to be mentioned for him to be there. He doesn’t need to be told when he’s coming. That’s what Esther’s real message is.

Esther is the only book in the Bible that doesn’t use the word “God,” but God is everywhere in it. She was in the Palace because God put her there. In fact, Esther stood up for God.

Esther is a secret agent who lets God into the bedroom of the king. It’s secret and has to do with making a presence in a field that gives you the right to talk. Esther was able to save God’s people because she had a lot of power over the king.

How do you deal with the principalities if you are in the political arena? How much do you matter? What do you think God is doing with you in that system?

Before you go around preaching about Jesus’s salvation and the Kingdom of God, think about how you fit into that system. You might say to Bishop, “It’s a very bad system. “What can I do? I work for the government. Be a government worker who doesn’t do anything wrong. More so, be the kind of government worker who won’t take bribes. Are you the government worker who gets things done? Bring Jesus’ spirit into the government.


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