Prophetic Etiquette

Words that are spoken in the right circumstances are precious (Prov. 25:11). Believers can earnestly desire to prophesy (1 Cor. 14:39-40) so that they can bless people and shift the situation according to the will of the Lord. Believers must also consider how the spirits of the prophets must be subject to the prophets (1 Cor. 14:32). They are in control of when and how they give a prophetic word. There are instances when prophets must withhold from giving a prophetic word and it’s a part of understanding the etiquette of the prophet. The three significant instances we must remember when we must not give the prophetic word is when we are angry or there are strong negative emotions. When you speak out of anger, whether toward to the person you are prophesying to or because of something that has happened to you, then it is hard to have a clear mind to hear from the Holy Spirit. The enemy can even use this situation for you to offend or hurt the person receiving the prophecy. You are not the right messenger when you are angry or in a negative emotional state. Defer giving the prophetic word until you get to a state of calm and clarity.


You must also not prophesy when you are aware you are using prophecy as a platform to achieve something you personally want. For example, maybe you are prophesying to a person that he must move to a different city because you know this person wants to court a girl you like. You are using a so-called prophetic word to serve your personal interests, even if there is some level of authenticity to the prophetic word. Allow another prophet to deliver this message, after he confirms it is from God. Your biases might cloud your mind and you might be unable to deliver the prophetic word according to the Lord’s purpose. Prophecy is not a format for us to give our opinion, nor under any circumstance should it be used as a cover to direct or to counsel a person.


The prophet must be accountable for the prophetic word. If the prophet has taken the backseat when it comes to his faith and spiritual journey, and he has become lukewarm with the Lord, he must not give a prophetic word. If he was previously a member of the prophetic ministry, he still must defer giving the word. Instead, he must work on his faith journey first and be on the right track with the Lord. Giving a prophetic word is a privilege and a duty. It is unlike salvation that is freely given to us. It is something you must grow into and protect. If the integrity of your spiritual walk has been compromised, it is best to restore the integrity of your faith first, before you prophesy to other people.



Experience the Power of Prophecy as a gift to open your mind to receive the Mind of Christ.

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