It is in giving that we receive. We understand that, as Reverend Ike would say, “Life takes from the taker and gives to the giver.” Whatever it is you need, give some of it away.


That’s called “seeding.” It’s called “priming the pump.” When I used to visit South Carolina as a child, my maternal grandmother had a pump we kids would run up to and pump, but nothing would come out. But when we’d pour a little water into the pump, all of a sudden that water would start coming up out of the well. We had to prime it. It was almost like we had to tell the pump what it was we wanted.



Some of you need to “prime” your faith. The reason you don’t have any money coming to you is that you keep wishing for it without doing anything to help it manifest. You have to use what you have to get what you want.



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How are you priming the pump?