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Enlighten your career choices through Prophecy

How do you approach your goals? What are your career goals at this point? What you is your reason behind pursuing your career? Recall the many reasons why you started your job in the first place. There might have been many childhood influences and experiences throughout life that have lead you to do what you […]


Connect yourself with God’s Words

When it comes to learning about the ways of the Lord, the complexity of the topic is unlike any other. Journeying into the teachings of the Lord is a long and winding road. God exhibits wisdom that is far beyond our understanding. A part of our mission as believers of Christ is to constantly attempt […]


Let Our Great God Handle Your Enemies

1 Peter 2:21 “For God called you to supervise good, even if it entails hurt, just as Christ endured for you. He is your demonstration, and you should follow in his steps.” Everyone progresses through anxious times where we are having are important with our wellbeing, bindings, currency, or work. Many times, we are amazed […]


Your Conscience teaches you Obedience

Obedience is living a life with respect for the rules. The simplest rule God has for us is to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. However throughout your life you will be tempted to bend the rules. Your conscience is your moral compass that helps you avoid sin. Doing Wrong […]


Be kind to your neighbor

How do you approach the people around you? Are you the type of person that greets everybody with a smile or are you a grumpy fellow that finds it difficult to throw out a compliment? Bringing positivity into your life is easier that you think. All you have to do is seek to be kind […]


Examine Yourself if You Are Really Worshipping God

The phrase ‘worship’ was first cited in the Book of Genesis section 22, when Abraham, the dad of numerous countries, was checked by God to offer Isaac, his only child as a scorched proposing to God. Most of us when instructed to manage certain thing that are contrary to our will, we are reluctant to pursue and […]


Live better today

Some people equate a good life with riches, power or acclaim. It’s all well and good to have and earn that but for those things to be your main motivation is a misleading thought. Starting out on your journey and all throughout it your main goal should begin with God. When you put Christ in […]


At The Troubles Waters

It takes true faith to trust that God is actually going to work our struggles out for our good. God never fails and He is faithful but the silence can be tormenting as us wait on His promises to be fulfilled. The enemy will taunt us to make us doubt God’s faithfulness, but the truth is that he […]


Are You Ready for Enlightenment?

Enlightenment can draw close in a time or it may take numerous life cycles. Few of us will be competent to present that on apply because we all have lifetimes of familiarity and assisting components that affirm we not adept to present it. So,Bishop Bernard Jordan concludes that we have to wrestle with all our […]


Giving without Pay

When it comes to the mixing of gospel ministry and money, we who are leaders of churches or their ancillary ministries must have the fear of God struck into us. Heaven and hell are at stake in how we raise, spend, and reserve money, because the way we handle money either adorns or obscures the gospel. The love […]


The Prophet of God

The Lord assigned each and every one of the Prophets on earth to represent His guidance. It can be difficult for even the brightest scholars of today to look through scripture and find its meaning in the modern world. The Lord has thus blessed certain individuals to facilitate its reading into the lives of His […]


Lord, Finish Our Work

With the new birth God has commenced the character of His people fashioning us in the likeness of His Son. No human mind could ever conceive or fully comprehend the full design of God’s infinite wisdom and love. We will have to wait until that day when Christ comes, or when we meet Him in […]