Overcoming the Four Quadrants: The Church 

Most of us, including me, would prefer to think of sacred space as some light-filled wonderous place where we can feel good and find a way to shore up our psyches against death. We don’t want to think that something as ugly and brutal as combat could be involved with the spiritual. However, would any practicing Christian say that Calvary Hill was not a sacred space?”  

Karl Marlantes      

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who make it labor in vain, unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. 

Psalm 127:1 

The Pillar of Religion 

The enemy is watching over the fourth pillar of power. As Christians, this is something close to our hearts. It is the foundation of all religions. It has to do with spirit. So, what does a politician do when they are running for power, trying to get into office, and wanting to be elected? They go around to the religious groups.

In this world, there is a lot of power and authority in support of church leaders. Candidates know this and use religious groups as an essential part of their campaigning. Because of how much the church affects society, it is in the fourth quadrant and is a crucial pillar of power.

These people running for office know that faith can go beyond politics, education, and business. People will do things that don’t make business sense for spiritual reasons. They’ll do things that have nothing to do with politics but are spiritually significant to them. They’ll do something against what they’ve been taught and what they know to be correct.

The Appeal of Religion

Politicians know that to get elected, they must appeal to the people’s spirituality. Most of the time, they meet with the leaders of the church. They will go to every religious community and try to get their votes.

“Your churches have done so much for our society and economy, and we are so proud of you,” is what they usually say. I’m your guy, so vote for me.” Then they went to the following religious group, group of religious people, or type of religion and said the same thing. They will go around until they can get the faith community to agree.

Faith-based communities are a source of power, and when religions fight over doctrine, they fight over who has the most power. Most of the time, the fight isn’t about “You think this and I think that.” At a deeper level, the war is about who has power over religion or the spirit.

What did Paul’s strategy look like? He left the synagogue to go to other places. He stopped being religious. Why? Because all he did there was argue and argue with other people.

Many of us would rather stay out of the political, economic, and educational fields and remain in the religious area. We don’t want these “sinners” to “defile” us, so we want to stay in our spiritual bubble. What kind of people are we if we think this way? We’ve turned into Pharisees.


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