What gives credibility to our message today as marketplace prophets is the value we bring to the industries we are in. We do not need to be in full-time ministry to have a sacred calling. As long as we consecrate our lives and our actions to the Lord, then what we do in our jobs becomes holy.

The Parable of the Buried Talent gives us significant insight into how we must treat God’s gifts to us (Matthew 25:14-30). It tells us that God gives us different gifts. In the parable, one man received five talents, another two, and another one. However, the parable conveys a very clear message about talents. It is not how much talent we have been given that matters to God. Instead, it is how we use it that matters to Him.

God never demands from us abilities which we have not got; but he does demand that we should use to the full the abilities which we do possess. Human beings are not equal in talent; but they can be equal in effort. The parable tells us that whatever talent we have, little or great, we must lay it at the service of God.

As marketplace prophets, how are we supposed to use our talents? Are we even using the talents God has given us? As a universal rule of life, to those who have, more will be given, and those who have not will lose even what they have. If we put to good use our talent, then we are progressively enabling ourselves to do more with it. However, if we use the talents God has given us only within the confines of the local church building, then we limit our reach and influence within the congregation.

Conversely, if we look for avenues to glorify God with our talents in the marketplace, then we are able to reach and to influence the marketplace. Hence, the only way to keep a gift is to use it for God’s glory and for serving others.

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How are you dedicating your talents for the Lord?

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