Operate in the Feeling You Desire

One of the prophets in POME has a three-car garage, but seven vehicles. He used to go to the car lots to feel having more than his garages could fit. He would sit in cars his wallet and bank account couldn’t afford, but that his conscious would buy, anyway. Since then, his life has become exactly what he felt. To act against feelings is to act against ethos (the guiding belief or ideal that characterizes a community or nation). People can have it in their mind that something is right, and all of the calculations can say something is right, but they’ll pull back on a business deal, anyway, because they weren’t feeling it. And they will have made the right choice. They will have made the right choice if no one said they could or should do something, but they did it anyway because they felt it.


Many pastors preach against feelings. They preach strong and hard, but where are they? They’re broke.  God as the subconscious Self is a Feeler.  And Jacob said to Rebekah his mother, behold, Esau my brother is a hairy man and I am a smooth man (Genesis 27:11).



Reverend Ike would always say something that made me laugh every time. He would say, “Jacob was a smooth operator.” Jesus, my elder brother, has nails in his hands, and I do not. Jesus, my elder brother, has a piercing in his side. I do not. Jesus, my elder brother, is 2,000 years older than I, but I can tell you that the subconscious self, divine intuition, is dressing me just like Jesus every day so that I can feel like my elder brother.


God communicates through our emotions. Who do you think designed us to be emotional beings? Isn’t it God? God is an emotional God. We must recognize the feelings we have and ask God what to do with them. God wants to bless us. When we desire the blessing, Satan will feed us the lie that we’re being too much, we’re being to needy, we’re being discontented, or we’re being too greedy. In reality, we just feel that we need the Father. We need Him to bless us, just like a Father takes pleasure in blessing His child.


The issue comes when we reject these emotions. It’s like we’re rejecting the desires God placed in your hearts. Why did He place it there? Why does He want us to listen to His voice?  What do you want to feel today?



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What do you want to feel and how do you activate this feeling?