Why you are never alone

There are times in all of our lives when we can feel alone. Sometimes it is because no one is home, but often it is a far deeper loneliness you can feel even in a crowded room. Bishop Bernard Jordan wants you to know that you are never alone. Why? Because God is always with you.

maxresdefaultBishop Bernard Jordan does not feel sorrow when he thinks of people who are alone in the world. He uses his faith to provide him with the knowledge that God is there for everyone. This is what separates those with faith and those without faith. Those without faith feel sadness over the shortcomings in the world and those with faith can look at the world and feel joy as they know that God is there to offer love and guidance.

You might wonder why there is sorrow in the world. But the answer has always been there for you to understand. God allowed man to have free will and many people do not use free will to share happiness. Instead they use it to put others down in order that they might be happy them selves. Free will in those with faith is not used for their own benefit. Instead it is used to spread the word of God. And to spread the word of God you do not need to wear a white collar. All you need to do is live with love in your heart.

It is hard to live with love in your heart when you see the actions of those who choose a life that is selfish and cruel. You might see it at work with people doing all they can to keep others down so they can get ahead. You might see it on the news in war and crime. You might even have seen it in your own home with abusive behavior. However when you have faith, you are able to live with happiness because there is no doubt in your mind that God will provide. This is a gift and strength that cannot be compared to any other power in the world. Not money, nor weapons nor cruelty. Bishop Bernard Jordan offers personal prophecies that help you find your faith so you will never feel lonely again.