MYTH: Pastors SHOULD be poor

A lot people assume that because people in full-time ministry are “godlier” (there’s no such thing), they can (or should) live in poverty. There are a lot of issues with this mindset. According to the Bible, a generous share of what we give God, rightfully belongs to those who minister in His name. Participating in this ancient practice has brought joy to God’s people. If supporting your ministers is not bringing joy to your generation, then there must be a corruption of the mind when it comes to generosity and obedience.

The blessing does not stop with the ministers. There is a wider principle here. The church is royal priesthood in which every believer has the priestly duty to serve the living God. Thus, God is able to provide for everyone who does this duty. It’s just the more obvious and apparent ones in this office are the pastors. Bottomline is this — the God who apportioned to His priests nice, juicy pieces of meat can graciously supply whatever you may need.


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Why do you think there is a misconception that pastors or ministers should be poor?