Money is an Effect

Your seed is a breakthrough. It’s not trying to break through something the enemy has against you; it’s a breakthrough in your consciousness. Once you come into realization, things will begin to materialize.  When you concentrate on the effect, you forget the cause. When you forget the cause, the effect diminishes. Never chase the money. Never make money your goal. If God becomes your Source, you’ll never forget the Source. When you forget the cause, the money disappears. Why do people see their money evaporate? Because they forget where it comes from.

They forget the Maker of Money.

When you focus your attention on getting money, you shut off your supply. Holding money will also shut down the supply.

How does it feel if someone is only using you for your money or for something they can benefit from you, but they don’t really care about you? A real relationship with God produces so much more than we need, so much more than we ask for, and so much more than we can ever imagine with ourselves. There is no need to pursue God with impure motives.

God is your portion. When you concentrate on God as your portion, you can experience

abundance. How can there be lack when the God of the Universe is your portion? Meditate on that truth the next time you feel anxious or worried about your needs.



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How is God your portion?