Money is Also Important in God’s Kingdom

Money is Important Because it Solves Problems In this blog entry, I want you to lead you into a prayer:

Father God in me, I thank you for the spirit of revelation, impartation (prophetic), enlightenment, and I will walk in the truth of this word, in the truth of this understanding, in Jesus name. Now, I see myself as God sees me, perfect, whole and complete. I will move forward into the destiny that has been ordained of me. I vow to be rich, to become wealthy, full of answers, full of answers to hard questions. I decree and declare wealth and prosperity shall be in my life right here, right now.I commit to the spirit of revelation, impartation (phonetic), in Jesus name. I commit to prosperity. I commit to solve problems. Father God in me, thank you tonight for the spirit of revelation. Thank you, Jesus.

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Can you declare this prayer every day and in your own words this week?