Ministry with Wisdom

Have you ever received a prophecy that made you feel uncomfortable? However, it was given in a “thus saith the Lord” manner, and so you feel that if you reject the prophecy it was disobedience towards the Lord. As a recipient of the prophecy, you may have ended up feeling confused and distressed instead of receiving clarity or confirmation, encouragement, and peace. This dilemma can cause great pain to new believers.


If you are this believer who received a negative or “off” prophecy, I pray that you will experience freedom from this negativity. Moreover, I pray that the power of this word spoken over your life will be broken, so that you can experience confidence to receive a new word from the Lord.



Do you know that prophecy can be a form of abuse when it does not give room for the recipient to weigh it up whether the word is from the Lord or not? Even if the word is encouraging, the believer must have the freedom to inquire of the Holy Spirit. If the word is mistaken, it has the potential to bear a negative fruit in the recipient’s life, until it’s broken in Jesus’ name.


When you share a prophetic word, it is beneficial that you give the person or group you are prophesying over freedom to weigh up the prophecy and receive it or set it aside. You can accomplish this by using “releasing” language, such as “I believe the Lord is saying…” or “Does this mean anything to you?” or “I sense…” This communicates to them that you see yourself as a human vessel, and even with a prophetic gift, you can still miss the mark. Thus, you are submitting the prophetic message to them for their personal assessment, according to their faith in the Lord.


This tip is not to say that prophesying as though God was speaking in the first person through you is always inappropriate. In fact, this approach can be incredibly powerful, especially when the prophecy is being accompanied by the impartation of an anointing or spiritual gift. However, it takes a certain level of experience and maturity in the prophetic maturity for the confidence to come through in this linguistic approach.


Experience the Power of Prophecy as a gift to open your mind to receive the Mind of Christ.

Give three (3) examples of prophetic words with releasing language.