Do you want to know the reason why you have been brought here? It is so that you can become spiritual self-masters(Mastery). You have been put on the planet to learn how to master the universe. Mastery! When Paul said, I have kept the faith, I have finished the course, he was just letting you know that he finished his Masters Degree. You can stop at the BS if you want, but that is all you will get in life. Life is not life until you come into mastery. All life is BS and life is a mother. That is why the bible says, “And she shall bring forth,” because life is always bringing stuff forth.

In your yard you have weeds. Properly managing your time, mastering your time, will make your yard a jungle or a beautiful botanical garden. It has to do with the time that you sowed in it. Weeds grow by themselves, without support. Mother does her job, now it is up to you to manage it. In understanding your divinity, children are like weeds. You have to cultivate them. If you do not, they will run wild. If you do not cultivate those weeds, they are going to take over your house. They will eventually overtake you. They will run you over.

Children come to the earth with a plan to assert their divinity. That is why you have to cultivate it, to make sure that their divinity gets properly balanced. At the age of twelve a child’s identification starts to sprout forth and manifest through his ego. At that time, no longer do they want to live under the shadow of parental laws and demands. God gives that nature to them. God puts that in them. That is part of their divinity.

In twisted consciousness they say, “I am God.” At that moment, you have to introduce them to the picture of what the devil is. e devil, in this house, because the devil becomes anything other than you. Anything that steps out of line, and become other than you becomes the devil to you. So you then demonize that which you don’t want to run wild in your house- hold. You think, “I must do you what God did with Lucifer.” He kicked Lucifer out. Anything that is not you, you must kick out of your life. That includes relationships, friendships, courtships, boyfriends, and girlfriends.

Anything that does not look like me, I put out. Alone, in reality, is all-one. When you become a spiritual self-master, you come into oneness, where you are all one and you meet no one but yourself. God sat in the heavens and talked to himself, and out of the one comes the many. So, if you want your success in life, you have to talk to yourself. Some of you are too proud to talk to yourself, which is why you are not getting a break- through. You have to have conversations with yourself. That what meditation is, when you can go in and impregnate yourself, where you can enter into the void, into the dark within yourself.

There is a miracle that is trying to take place in your life, but you have too many interruptions. You have things that are “other than” you trying to break into you. You have stuff other than you trying to get in bed with you, and right now you cannot have that happening because you have too much to create. You have to go within yourself. God did not go looking outside himself for something to happen. He went within himself. All creation happens from within. That is why, when God could swear by no other, He swore by himself. You have to go within yourself. The Mastery Plan is really easy to work.


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Go within yourself, begin working on a Mastery Plan.

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