Mastery Training

Do you want to know the reason why you have been brought here? It is so that you can become spiritual self-masters. You have been put on the planet to learn how to master the universe. Mastery! When Paul said, I have kept the faith, I have finished the course, he was just letting you know that he finished his Masters Degree. You can stop at the BS if you want, but that is all you will get in life. Life is not life until you come into mastery.


All life is BS and life is a mother. That is why the bible says, “And she shall bring forth,” because life is always bringing stuff forth.


In your yard you have weeds. Properly managing your time, mastering your time, will make your yard a jungle or a beautiful botanical garden. It has to do with the time that you sowed in it. Weeds grow by themselves, without support. Mother does her job, now it is up to you to manage it. In understanding your divinity, children are like weeds. You have to cultivate them. If you do not, they will run wild. If you do not cultivate those weeds, they are going to take over your house. They will eventually overtake you. They will run you over.


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What are you allowing to run you over?