Master Prophet’s Blessing Plan Mastermind 2021

Meeting Agenda 

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  • Prophetic Investment Wealth Building Club: The New Millionaires
  • Zoe Ministries Virbela Campus
  • May 15, 2021 10:00am EST – 1:00pm EST

Goal: To provide a forum of financial market education that empowers members to create and build wealth, and secure legacy through investment ideas and strategies. Thank you for strictly following the schedule below.

Master Prophet’s Blessing Plan Mastermind

10:00:00 AM10:01:00 AM1mGeneral Session Digital IncueZoe Ministries Media Team
10:01:00 AM10:11:00 AM10mThe Millennial Investment LensArchbishop E. Bernard Jordan,
Founder Zoe Ministries
10:11:00 AM10:21:00 AM10mThe Investment Coach PerspectiveMarcresia Alibaruho
10:21:00 AM10:51:00 AM30mNew Millionaire Team: FirestormJoseph Jarrell, D’onna Kelley, Dominique
10:51:00 AM11:01:00 AM10mGeneral Q & A SessionParticipants
11:01:00 AM11:11:00 AM10mThe Investment Coach PerspectiveKwatsi Alibaruho, VP
11:11:00 AM11:41:00 AM30mNew Millionaire Team: Millionaires With AssetsJessica Chalmers, Jessica Jordan, Cheri Davis
11:41:00 AM11:51:00 AM10mGeneral Q & A SessionParticipants
11:51:00 AM12:01:00 PM10m****Session Break****All
12:01:00 PM12:11:00 PM10mThe Investment Coach PerspectiveRoslyn Weems, Principal
Wealth Consortia, LLC
12:11:00 PM12:41:00 PM30mNew Millionaire Team: Where The Money ResidesJoel “Legz Dymond” Milan, Joshua Jordan,
Esther Adeoye
12:41:00 PM12:51:00 PM10mGeneral Q & A SessionParticipants
12:51:00 PM1:00:00 PM9mSummary & ConclusionsArchbishop E. Bernard Jordan, Founder
Zoe Ministries
Total3h 0m