What is the language of the future? There are specific words that reveal that something is an opinion, an assessment or an interpretation associated with the past. On the other hand, the speech act that is associated with the future is called a declaration. A declaration can come in subtle and un-intimidating forms. It can start with a “what if,” “I think it is possible to,” “I believe we can,” and so on.

When you speak or hear a statement that begins like one of these, a new possibility is being created. A new future is in the works of creation. The more you share this new possibility, the conversation will grow. Sometimes these conversations will go against unspoken ones. But as you decide and take responsibility for your future, you will dispute unspoken conversations and replace them with future-based dialogues.

If we look at the past, we can see history display what man is capable of through the power of language. You can create anything through conversation. You have the power to create through language. Greatness has been created through simple conversations. You have the tools that are needed to communicate. All you need to do is to launch your own conversation of possibility today.

How can you speak new life into your life? Start the week right and join us with our LIVE conference call as we discover the Power of Prophetic Communication.  Here are ways to join:

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What can you say to create a new future?

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