Boasting is the game in the marketplace. People fight for dominance. They want to receive glory and prestige. They want to be the best because they want the recognition that comes with it.

As prophets in the marketplace, we should not to boast of our own status, knowledge or wealth. Instead, we should boast about Jesus Christ. The intention of the prophets in the marketplace is not to receive the glory but to engage with those who are in the marketplace and to give the glory back to God.

It’s natural for the flesh to be lifted with pride. However, in order to correct such pride, we only need to remember that we are also the workmanship of God through grace. Salvation is also obtained by grace, not by our works that we may boast about. Lowliness is an unaffected lowly estimate of the self.

When Christ was on earth, he was also meek and lowly in the heart (Matthew 11:29). In human form, he also absolutely depended on the Father in heaven. Jesus’ example shows that he is truly the pattern of all true creature-dependence. If he can be lowly and he is God and the Messiah, then how much more does lowliness belong to those whom Jesus redeemed from the lowest state of depravity?

When we are dependent upon God for every good, no one can boast about anything, for He is the source from whom all blessings flow. Everything we have is from God. How can we be anything but lowly?

When we check our hearts, we must make sure lowliness is a top virtue in order to live our lives according to the heavenly calling. It is because of this lowliness that we can have significant leverage in the marketplace that is led and controlled by people who have not only lofty social standing but also prideful spirits.

How can the lowly be distinguished from (whom)? They speak of several forms of self-control, each of which prevents them from being proud. Lowliness is about having a humble mind, while meekness can curb pride and cruelty. Patience consists of enduring difficult experiences that they may find themselves in. With lowliness and meekness, individuals are not afraid to suffer. With patience, they learn how to respond if they must suffer.

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How are you being pride when it comes to your workplace?

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