Life From the Sidelines

Life from the stands can only be accessed as concepts, not as they are actually lived and experienced firsthand. Everyday common sense language limits us to speaking about what is actually happening in life from the stands. The spectator can never truly do anything on the court, in the way the player could.

In a basketball game, as a fan, you can scream, cheer, or boo all you want, but you are not the one who makes the plays, runs on the court or shoots the ball. When it comes to your own life, which roles are you playing? Are you being a loud fan who does nothing on the court? You do this by commenting and grumbling about life and what could have been, instead of doing anything about it. Or, are you the player on the court? Are you making things happen in your life?

On the court, you can actually perform. You take part. You participate. On the court, you are response-able. You can respond to your opponents. You can play to win.

Shifting from being a “content of experience” into being a “context of experience,” you need to shift the perspective you have of your life. There is a need for you to operate on the court, rather than in the stands. In fact, being a context calls you to actually “be” the court by which the game is being played.

Do you see the difference between the two ways of living? Where are you positioned in your life? Are you experiencing your life from the stands or on the court?

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