Language: Describing vs. Performing Acts

Language plays an integral part, particularly in social settings. It achieves a responsive flow between or among people, affecting their feelings while getting our points across. It is definitely more complex than just a string of words put together. It aids in showcasing our personality, attitude, opinions, and intentions towards society. We perform these acts by declaring, promising, requesting, offering, assessing, and asserting ourselves.



Classification of Speech Acts

To understand how we are to utilize the ability of speech acts, we must first understand how they are classified according to framework.

We have:

  • The Speech Act of Declaration
  • The Speech Act of Promise
  • The Speech Act of Request
  • The Speech Act of Offer
  • The Speech Act of Assessment
  • The Speech Act of Assertion

Let us dig deeper into the heart of this book, language, and where all these variations came from.



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