Keep it out of the palace 

Jesus said to them, ‘It is not healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. 

In his article “Christianity and the Public Arena” Mark Rushdoony wrote that “Christians are often told in not-so-nice ways to keep religious issues out of the public arena. On the other hand, these kinds of statements attempt to silence certain beliefs so that different views can take over the public arena.

Many believers are surprised when Christians run for office, back political candidates, or try to push their political agenda on the political scene. Why is it this way? Why are Christians not “allowed” to come into the palace?

What kind of spirit tells us that Christians shouldn’t get involved in politics? What principle makes us think that religious issues don’t belong in the public arena? Can you see how the enemy is trying to protect this pillar of power?

Believers who understand what the Bible says will help run towns, cities, and states somehow. They might be the ones who want to protect the rights of people who don’t have a father or who aren’t from the country. They might give their time to civic and charitable groups as volunteers.

Are you just doing your own thing?

Believers shouldn’t be surprised when other believers try to bring their Christian values into the public arena. It is a duty from God. “Doing our own thing” and not having God in politics have led to more crime, broken homes, abused and aborted children, sexual immorality, drug and alcohol problems, messed-up welfare programs, and inadequate education (Lovelace, 2013). How can we not pay attention to this message?

Are you God’s Insider?

God wants to put His Insider in the Palace for what reason? Why would God want to get into such a dirty system? It is exactly like that. What is clear from the Bible? Mark 2:17 says, “When Jesus heard this, he told them, “The healthy don’t need a doctor; the sick do.” I didn’t come to call the good people but the bad ones.”

I’m not saying that every Christian should run for office. I have already said that we all have a mission order. Not everyone will answer the same way. No one can answer at every stage of life, either. Some of you are bringing up godly kids, which is as essential as being a godly mayor. But I want to encourage those who feel called to conquer this pillar of power to be brave.


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