Joy in Offering

If you read the passage below, you will see a command, a reminder to give, instructions, then promises of God’s presence and blessing-induced joy.

6 Take your burnt offerings and sacrifices to that place. Bring your special gifts and a tenth of everything you produce. Take with you what you have promised to give. Bring any other offerings you choose to give. And bring the male animals among your livestock that were born first to their mothers. 7 You and your families will eat at the place the Lord your God will choose. He will be with you there. You will find joy in everything you have done. That’s because he has blessed you. (Deuteronomy 12:6-7)

The people were commanded to bring offerings and a sacrifice to the place of worship. They were to bring special gifts on top of the tithe. They were also reminded to bring what they promised to give, any other offerings they chose to give. They were to eat at a designated place for the purpose of fellowship. It was going to be a celebration. Moses also declared that God will be with them there as they gather together with their family.


The people would find joy in everything they have done — which was to bring the tithe and the offerings. Imagine experiencing joy — not just happiness — from bringing an offering. The reason why there is joy is because the blessing came beforehand. How can the Israelites even give without receiving a blessing from the Lord prior? They have joy in giving, because they have already been recipients of blessings. If the people were able to give tremendously, then it is because they received abundantly. After all, the Israelites were not bringing in 100% of their produce. Hence, they were only giving a portion of what they received, and the amount of the offering is only a glimpse of the actual provision.



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