If You Cannot Feel It, It Cannot Exist

You only get the blessing you invite, and you only receive the answer to the question you can feel.


My father peradventure will feel me… (Genesis27:12a).



How much money do you feel like today? How much supply are you feeling right now? How much success are you feeling right now? Because you will only receive that which you feel.


What do you feel like?


…and I shall seem to him as a deceiver; and I shall bring a curse upon me,

and not a blessing (Genesis 27:12b).


Is there anything in you that’s telling you to stop feeling successful, stop feeling wealthy, or to stop feeling happy? You need to be able to identify any opposing voice. The emotions you have right now is the means by which you can create your future.


How do you set your goals? “In five years, I’ll have my own corner office.” Usually, it’s  like this. How about, “In five years, I’ll feel successful. I’ll feel the privilege of leading people from corner office. I’ll feel I’ve accomplished a lot through God’s grace, as I look outside this beautiful office window?” How does it feel? Set an emotional goal for your future, and see how your circumstances will change as a result.

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Ask the Holy Spirit for a FEELING of what is to come.

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