How Does it Feel to Be Rich?

How can you get rich and stay rich? God helps us to be so.

God really does not hear what you say with your mouth. There are so many people that have spent time on their knees in prayer crying out to God yet have not received any answers to their prayers. The first thing is that prayer is not you always voicing your opinions, concerns, and request to God. Prayer is a dialog not a monolog. So as much as you speak, you should listen within your heart to hear what God is saying.  God is always speaking, but you must quiet yourself long enough to hear what He is saying to you. Note that I said that you should listen within your heart to hear what God is saying. If you listen in your heart to hear what God is saying, then what do you suppose God listens to, to hear what you are saying? God only hears what you say in your consciousness. God only hears you heart.

You ask, “I thought that you were supposed to say the right things and speak forth words that are positive?”  That is true. But the major thing here is that your words alone are really meaningless.Your words must be accompanied by feeling.  You have to feel it in your heart. If there is any doubt in you that you cannot receive or achieve that which you have spoken, then God cannot hear you.  You then disconnect yourself from spirit. You disconnect yourself from spirit not because you said the wrong words, or said the wrong things, but rather because you felt the wrong vibration when you spoke. God reaches to feel you. If he cannot feel you, He does not answer you. The only prayers that get answered are felt-prayers. You do not get fulfillment until there is full-feel-ment. If there is no feeling, there is not going to be any filling. That is why, even when Jacob was getting ready to get blessed by Isaac, he said:

Come close so that I might feel thee. I want to see if you are my very son.


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Are you just saying you want to be rich? Are you not feeling it?

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