Self-examination and self-evaluation begin with honestly asking yourself top questions. Many times, people are quick to confront others with all kinds of inquiries but are reluctant to ask themselves the same questions or to hold themselves to the same standards. If you are going to succeed with self-evaluation, you must be ready to ask yourself tough questions and also be ready to provide honest answers to the questions you ask.

So, what kind of questions will people be asking themselves when they intend to self-evaluate themselves?

Self-examination and self-evaluation begin with honestly asking yourself top questions.

You could ask, how can I do my job better? What is really expected of me in this position? Am I being fair to those people around me? Have my words been defining and uplifting as my others? How is my character? How is it affecting my work results?

Character, in a way, affects disposition in my workplace. You can also ask, what do I need to do to be better or to be more efficient at the place of my work and calling?

All these are good questions which can help in self-evaluation. The truth remains that when you can work on yourself effectively, you will be a better leader.

Another way for self-evaluation to be effective is by asking for feedback from those who are closest to you. The feedback can be from your friends, your co-workers, family members, and those who have interactions with you frequently. Many times, we don’t see our own faults no matter how hard we try to be objective.

It is easier to get objective and non-sentimental responses from people other than ourselves. In getting realistic feedback, ensure that the persons giving the feedback are honest in their reply rather than being conservative in their response.

The scripture records that Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do men say that I am?” He didn’t ask this question of the crowd or the Pharisees or observes. He only asked this question of people who were closest to him. In many ways, he was rest assured that his disciples already knew who he was and what he was sent to do.

There is this tendency for us as men to think the worst of people. We often assume that the state we meet someone in will be the person’s final state. But if there is one thing we can learn from scripture, it is that as long as there is life, there will be hope. When there is hope, the possibility of things changing for good will be very high.

Can you imagine what the men and women who met David while running away from Saul must have been thinking? They must have thought David would never escape the hands of Saul, and he may never have become the King of Israel. But David held on strong. Nothing compared to the promise that David had in God. He trusted that God was able to vindicate him and give him the throne at the right time.

To everything there is a season for it, and a time to purposes as long we are on earth.

In dealing with people, we must understand that place of time and seasons. To everything there is a season for it, and a time to purposes as long we are on earth. For the fact that a child is behaving unruly today does not mean he cannot become a phenomenal leader tomorrow. It takes time for change to truly occur. This is why we must not be quick to give up on people or to write people off.

God already has shown to us that He does not give up on people very easily. As long as we are alive, His love and grace keep chasing us. Despite the fact that the world was dead in sin and disconnected from God, God still sent His Own Son in the likeness of human flesh to die for the sins of the entire world. This very invaluable price that was paid for the sins of humanity restored and redeemed us. Today, we have a lot of people who are doing amazing things for God. They have literally evolved from who they were to who they are today.


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