How Can You Tell if You are in the Season of Testing?

There are some signs that you can watch out for, for you to know that you are experiencing a season of testing in relation to your spiritual gifts. One of these signs include feeling shut down in your God-given abilities. You know you received a calling. When you were baptized by the Holy Spirit, these spiritual gifts manifested. However, you feel that these abilities have disappeared or weakened

somehow. The first tendency is to believe this lie, but you have to consider that God is allowing you to be tested. Another sign is when you experience being voluntarily or involuntarily released from ministry responsibility. As a result, you

feel displaced. This experience can hurt. It can also be offensive if you were removed. However, ask God His purpose for being humbled. There is also a time when you feel like you were in the“honeymoon period,” when you were so on fire for God and you had so much passion to practice your spiritual gifts. You know this time is over and done with. As a result, you long to be in this kind of season again.


Another sign is when you know you’ve made mistakes in the past, and you wonder if you’ll recover from them. Some people experience doubts in their spiritual gifts and abilities and wonder if they are in the right ministry.


A season of testing is upon you when you find yourself going through character-testing circumstances and coming up short on the character side. It’s so easy for God to anoint you with double or triple portions of prophetic ability. However, God is not interested in what you can do, He is interested in what you become. God is interested in molding you more into like Jesus.


You also begin to doubt prophetic words you’ve received in the past. You wonder if they would ever be fulfilled. Another thing is you feel like you are always being criticized, blocked, or resisted in this season. You see a pattern unfold, and it has been a discouraging experience for you.


You feel battle-worn and weary in this season. You feel as though you have nothing left to give. Or maybe, you are feeling displaced, separated, or hidden in relation to your gift and ministry. You also feel that the opposite of God’s call and destiny in your life. You believed something, but you’re seeing something completely different happening.



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