Harnessing the Power of Instinct: Unleashing the Divine Within

Embracing Our Instinctive Nature

Living on the material, the physical plane of reality means that our consciousness often expresses itself in a form that we refer to as “instinct.” Instinct is a kind of cell consciousness within our bodies that forms the intelligence of our physical form. Despite the cells within our body constantly being formed, destroyed, and recycled, we retain our overall identity and form as human beings.

Unity with God through Instinct

Instinct is an unconscious recognition that we are one with God and all forms of life; therefore, we do not lack anything in our lives or bodies. Whether awake or asleep, this instinct permeates our consciousness as we continue to exist on the physical plane.

Learning from Indigenous Wisdom

Indigenous peoples around the world learned to survive and prosper in many harsh environments without ever discussing it. We have this instinct or physical intelligence since we were formed in God’s image. Native peoples did not have to earn the right to be born in an environment that met all their requirements. Instead, they instinctively and experientially tamed their environment and prospered in their ecological niches.

Discover Your Personal Prophecy and Prophetic Word

By learning to live harmoniously with the land and following the largely instinctive side of their human consciousness, these people learned to exist in a way that was natural to them. In this way, they align themselves with the everlasting source of life within all of us. You, too can tap into this divine wisdom by seeking personal prophecy and prophetic word.

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