Harmonizing Body and Mind: Unlocking Higher States of Consciousness

The Struggle Between Body and Mind

Some people live in struggle between body and thought as if they were completely distinct. Overemphasizing the body leads to fleshly temptations, while overemphasizing the mind leads to detachment from truth.

Reconciling Matter and Mind

But these two states—matter and mind—are simply the two lowest rungs on the consciousness ladder that lead to God, the infinite source of all consciousness. This gives us a key to reconciling these two opposite poles of consciousness.

Embracing Higher States of Consciousness

By tapping into other, more profound states of consciousness such as the inspirational, the intuitional, and even the revelational, we can bring a higher order to these two otherwise conflicting aspects of our consciousness. By praying to God, we bring the disparate halves of our identities together, integrating them and giving ourselves completion in the process.

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