God’s Love is Amazing

We are living in unbelievably difficult days and it does not appear to be getting any better. Trying to hold on in faith while the darkness surrounds our situation can literally seem impossible In our finite minds, it does not make sense that God appears to wait so long to come to our rescue.

We are told in God’s word that then enemy prowls around like a roaring lion looking to devour us. He is seeking to kill, steal and destroy all that we have. But, the truth is that the enemy cannot take anything from one whose faith is in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. All that he can do is convince us of a lie that his power to destroy us is bigger than God’s power to rescue us. We must remember that the tomb could not hold back the Holy Spirit’s power to raise Christ from the dead and that same power is living in us. For that reason, we cannot be defeated no matter how wounded we are in the battle you are fighting. Christ has conquered death and the power of evil. Though the enemy can wage war all around us, we will not be a casualty of a battle that has already been won.

Our weakness comes when we take our eyes off the source of the power. Christ
does not take cover in the attacks of the enemy. God is our fortress and a very
present help us. The weary can find in His shadow and experience peace in His
never ending love.

Bishop Jordan believe that by knowing and understanding the God we serve, we are able to rest and trust Him to get us through the storm. If Jesus tells us to take joy despite our problems, He must have a way for us to do so. We know by all that is true that God cannot lie. God’s love and power for you are real. If we are struggling it is because we are listening to the lies of the enemy and have taken our eyes from Christ. Let the amazing love that Christ has for you be your strength in the battle you are facing talk to Bishop Jordan and get your personal prophecy.

“For I am thee Lord, your God who takes hold of you right hand ans says to you, Do not fear; I will help you”( Isaiah 41:13)