God is a Political Strategy

God was strategic in placing Obadiah in a position of authority

Is it just a huge coincidence that Ahab’s leader was a man of God? Obadiah was in a position of power because God put him there. Obadiah was in a position of power, which gave him the ability to protect and provide for the prophets when Jezebel was looking for them. If we looked at what Obadiah’s name means in English, we would see that it means “servant of Jehovah.”

Even though he was in charge of running the palace, he did not think of his master as his boss. He knew he was doing something for God. Maybe Ahab gave him this job because he knew the man was honest and thought that would make him a good palace official. Still, it was God’s favor that put him in a place of power and authority.

God has a purpose for leaders He appoint

God put Obadiah where he was for a reason. Obadiah was a person who loved God very much. He took the risk and took care of the 100 prophets. He found caves where he could hide them. He gave them a break and some water without them knowing. By doing this, he put his life in danger. Don’t forget that this happened during the famine. There wasn’t enough food to go around. But Obadiah was the one who used the few things that were available to feed 100 prophets. Even now, it’s hard and expensive to feed 100 people. Back then, it was even harder and costlier.

Obadiah’s moment of weakness is shown to us. Even though he had doubts, the Lord still wanted to use him. This must mean something to people of faith who hold political office. Don’t be afraid of God’s hand. He can use you for something better. They might be asked to put their jobs and lives in danger, but God would be there for them until the end.


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