God has a way of redeeming the time

Great things can only be accomplished when more people bring their own contribution to the success of what is to be done.

In the book of Ruth, we have another wonderful story we can learn from. Naomi and her husband left Jerusalem for Moab. They figured out that the land of Moab was better than theirs. Jerusalem was going through a tough crisis at this time. The whole family moved into Moab just to escape the hard times Jerusalem was facing. All the while in Moab, the two sons of Naomi got married to women from the land. Later on, the two boys died alongside her husband too. She was left with her two daughters-in-law. She decided to return to her land because she heard how God had begun to do new things for them.

As she made attempt to return, the two women opted to follow her back. She declined their request and at that, one of them went back. Ruth, however, chose to remain put and to follow her to her destination. She chose to stand by her through it all. She decided to stay by Naomi even if it meant that she won’t get married again. It was impossible for Naomi to ever give birth to another child or to even have a child that would be able to be a husband to Ruth.

In all, God had a good plan for them both. The times may have been hard for Naomi, but God has a way of redeeming the time. God can bring out beauty from ashes. God can bring out light from darkness. God can change the story of anyone He chooses. In no time, Ruth got engaged and married to Boaz and they gave birth to a child. In the end, we can see her name in the genealogy of those before Jesus Christ on earth.

God brought out something sweet out of a seeming bitter family experience. When we choose to endure hardness and hardship that life may throw at us, God shows up for us in the end. Those who trust in the Lord cannot ever experience shame. The glory of God keeps radiating over our lives as long as we stay put in Him and keep our faith in His word very strong in our hearts and lives.


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