When it comes to your bringing your offering to the Lord, are you God-centered or man-centered? Even if it’s not in the context of our finances, we must always evaluate our heart and check where our trust lies. Asking this question makes you evaluate what you are dependent on.

We must always be centered on the glory of the Lord. When we examine our lives, our language, and our thoughts, we find that it is very easy to slip back into a more man- centered philosophy. God may be kind and wonderful to us, but He does such things for a greater purpose.

In verse 44, we see the mindset of the Lord, which if we are wise, we would adapt the same way of thinking:

44 People of Israel, I will deal with you for the honor of my name. I will not deal with you based on your evil conduct and sinful practices. Then you will know that I am the Lord,’ announces the Lord and King. (Ezekiel 20:44)


Twice in this verse, we see how God puts focus on His actions and on Himself. God says to Judah, “You will know that I am the Lord.” At the center of what God is going to do with the people, the goal is for people to know that God is truly God — supreme, Lord, and King. God tells them that He will deal with them for His name’s sake, putting emphasis on the action of the Lord and not on the people.

Are we offended when God makes it about Himself, and not about us? The problem with today’s generation is people are so vain. They want to have all the glory. We want to be the star of our lives, when in reality, this is God’s spot.

Do we want God to make us the center of the picture? God is rescuing people from their captivity. He is bringing them to proper conviction and repentance of their sins. He is renewing a covenant with them, rescuing them from Babylon, and returning them to the Promised land. God is giving them both earthly benefits and heavenly riches. God is the One doing all the work. The Israelites are basically just the beneficiaries in this story. Why should the glory go to them? It rightfully belongs to the Lord. In the process of bringing glory to the Lord, the people are blessed and protected.


God cannot pretend that the most important characters in this event are people. Doing so would set them above God. Instead, God displayed His character. He defended His name and His glory. When God displays His glory, and focuses on His own name, the people experience the greatest blessings. They get to see God’s glory, and they are rescued by the mighty hand of God.



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