God always puts the dignity of His person in every promise He made with them

Indeed, the root of Israel’s disobedience was their wrong view of God. They interpreted the power of God on the human level of possibility. Thus, when their spies saw that the Promised Land was indwelt by strong clans living in fortified cities, they were discouraged to obey the command of God. They thought that God can only help them when the situation is humanly manageable. Hence, their faith was not really in God but in their ability, calculation, and resources. Moses saw their doubts and reminded them of the power of the Lord.

Truly, it’s puzzling to see how the Israelites still doubted God despite the wondrous demonstration of God’s power before their very eyes. With one sight of situational difficulty, they forgot the history of God’s powerful manifestation. Doubt fueled by a wrong view of God utterly destroyed their opportunity to enjoy the power and goodness of God’s speech-act in every situation of their lives.

  1. What is man’s greatest challenge?
  2. How did God solve the problem of sin?
  3. How did God demonstrate His love to us?

Father, I thank you for the great sacrifice that Jesus gave on the Cross of Calvary. Thank you for the gift of life. Thank you for saving me and writing my name in the book of life. I confess every sin I may be involved in. Let the waters of your word wash and cleanse me completely from every iniquity. Let my garments always be sparkling. Let not my head be lacking any oil, in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.


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