Gaining Fulfillment

1Manifesting what you desire in your life requires that you become that desire in your mind, your emotions, your personality, the statements of your mouth and the actions of your body. Whatever you want, you must feel it to get it. Until you feel it, you won’t fill it. Fulfillment could also be spelled “full-feel-ment.”

Every blessing you come into is a look; you must look like the blessing you receive. God is not looking at your externals, but at your heart—your consciousness. Does the blessing exist in your consciousness? Do you walk around like you already have the house you want? Do you thank God for giving you the money to make the mortgage payments on that house?

Until you can do that—act and feel and believe as if what you desire has already become manifest in your experience—you will be frustrated. Do you feel like Jesus? That is what it means to pray in Jesus’ name.

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