Recall that our cravings come from emotional desires and needs. All these are natural; it is part of being human. Have you ever met someone who had no emotions? Have you ever encountered a person who has no feelings whatsoever? Likely not. This is because emotions are a part of God’s design for humankind. God specifically created human beings not only to think and act but to feel. Therefore, our capacity to feel must be honored.  

Indeed, the cravings and longings we have are God-given and thus, can only be satisfied by God. However, many of us seek the things of this world to help these God-given cravings and longings. This is when we begin settling for less; we let our emotions get the better of us. In other words, rather than being in control of our feelings, emotions, and cravings, they begin to control us. We let them reign over us rather than allowing wisdom and God’s lordship to direct our lives. This is what is not pleasing to God.  

Honoring our emotions  

There is a big difference between honoring our emotions and prioritizing or worshiping them. Honoring our feelings means listening to them, allowing God to speak through them, and worshiping our feelings points to acting as if nothing else mattered but our need to console and respond to how we feel.  

It is therefore essential to recognize that emotions must be controlled. We must rein to them so that they do not reign and rule over us. How then do we control our emotions and yearnings? We act in wisdom, work in authenticity, and act by God’s will.  


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