Faith Stands

“For God alone. O my soul wait in silence, for my hope is from him.” (Psalm 62:5)

We will still have enemies to fight in this perishing world but they have no power to destroy us. All we will do is reveal that we have been declared a conquer through the power of our God. Because of what Christ has done for us, we have reason for hope knowing that our future is established in heaven. Victory over all of our trials comes when we can trust that God’s timing is right and that His will is perfect. Peace comes from knowing that God will never fail us no matter how impossible our situation seems.

God takes no pleasure in having us wait but each one of our struggles is a divine appointment with a merciful God who wants to reveal more of Himself to us. The testing of our faith produces a steadfastness that will have its complete effect that we may be perfect, complete and lacking in nothing. There is a purpose for our pain. It is working out a greater good. It is preparing us to be royalty, reigning with Christ in a kingdom that will never end. Though the days grow dark and filled with evil, believers have nothing to fear for their future is one of power.

Bishop Jordan believe that the lies of the enemy have no power to steal our joy so do not willingly give it us to Him. Hold on to the heritage that we have because of what Christ sacrificed for us. Stand strong to the end knowing that God’s plan for us will work out not only for today but for ten thousand years down the way when we shall still find ways to praise Him for all He has done. God’s faithfulness will never end. Learn more about how to stand your faith against the enemies, talk to Bishop Jordan and get a free prophecy now.

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